Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Five Year Plan.

While in Copenhagen, a young man I met in the Generator hostel turned to me and asked, "What is your five year plan?"

I contemplated a moment to think. What was my five year plan? I had no answer. I had not one inclination in my mind as to where I would be or could be in five years. Five years ago if I would have told you where I expected to be now, it would have never been where I actually am. I struggle to believe that we can in fact make a five year plan and hold true to it completely. Things happen in life that continually change our circumstances, priorities, and values. What matters most to me now may not matter to me at all in five years. I suppose if I could predict the future, have it the way that I want, this is what I would see in five years time:

Professionally: Have photos in print, magazines, have a successful name for myself as a travel and landscape photographer. While at my home base, which is yet to be determined however I don't feel it is Los Angeles, I will take family, event, and wedding photos.

Possible locations: Washington, DC. If I get the job for Nat Geo, or perhaps just move to DC because it would be a better place to live and prettier than LA. Get a job being a travel photographer somewhere out of the country, because we all know I wish I was European.

Personally: Have a husband and at least one child. Have the ability to take care of my family and children and maintain my professional business.

... and if I don't have a husband and child I will just be the best aunt in existence.

I honestly don't know what my five year plan is and I think that isn't a bad thing. I am not leaving myself open for failure because I have this specific plan and if things don't work the way I have them in my head, I will be disappointed. There is enough disappointments in life without me adding to them with unmet expectations. Of course I have desires, of course I have direction, but I don't have anything set in stone, other than a desire to be a better person than I was the day before- both professional and personally.

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