Sunday, December 29, 2013

But I want to buy something!

Time and time again I sit here looking through Facebook and other friend's posts and get sad that I can't just go off and go on a shopping spree.

Since August, and losing my job, I have become quite humble in my spending. It's quite difficult to go from spending $5000 a month to wondering how you're going to pay your rent. When it comes down to it, I really don't need anything more, it's the stupid want inside of me that begins to take control. I love to shop and perhaps this is a wake up call and a sign from God that I need to evaluate my life and determine wants from needs. Why do we care so much what the latest fashions are, what the nicest car is, and what the prettiest decorations are in our home? When will enough ever really be enough? After spending time in Thailand, and getting to know the Asian culture, I realize that in America, we simply have to much stuff. 

At church, I was gifted a stylist consultation from another girl in the ward. We picked from a little Christmas tree anything from services to gifts and I struck gold. Ashley, the stylist, had made a joke that I didn't need her help. Granted, I did think I had good style and nice clothes but my problem was, I had too much and therefore I could never choose anything. Simplicity. Perhaps that's really what life is all about and although this may be a difficult learning curve for my previous spending habits to become acclimated to, it is something I'm in need of. 

So the next time I get sad because I can't buy a pair of shoes or new jeans, I should remind myself that they are WANs and not needs. 

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