Friday, March 28, 2014

Facing Storms of Life.

Storms in life are inevitable.

One time in Relief Society, the teacher said that ships who are in storms have a 66% higher percentage of surviving if they hit a huge wave head on, as opposed to avoiding it. 

Life can be scary; scratch that, life is scary. It is the easy thing to run, but what do we learn from running? I have noticed personally that if I run from problems, a new environment doesn't make the problems diminish, I carry them with me. It is easier in life, in the moment, to run from hard things rather than to face them head on however facing hard things can give us the courage, strength, and faith needed for life. I truly believe the Lord puts us in certain situations because we have to grow in that area. If we keep getting placed in the same situations then that should be a huge sign that you are not learning the lesson. 

Smack in the face with a ton of bricks, that is my life. I had dinner with my friend Jessi last night after our shift in the temple. We both shared some really difficult times we have gone through and I told her that when I go through situations, I try and pray to figure out what I am supposed to learn. Sure, I could easily go from point A to point B without any struggles, or I could go from point A to point B, have struggles, and then truly appreciate my final destination. 

How do you possible gather up the strength to face a storm head on, knowing there will be pain, it will be hard, how do you have faith that facing the storms of life will be better than sitting on the sidelines and waiting for the storm to pass, if it ever fully does? The Lord doesn't give us all of the answers to life, he doesn't tell us if every decision we make is the right one, he trusts us enough to make our own decisions, and it is only when we walk forward in faith, that we have a confirmation if what we are doing is right or wrong. He will never lead us astray, he will never let us get hurt, but he will let us make our own decisions and we can't expect him to solve all of our problems or tell us every road to go down, that is not why we are here on this earth. 

I would rather walk forward, hit a dead end and know that was for sure the wrong way to go, than always wonder if I should have gone down a certain path. I don't like challenges, I will be the first to state that, I also don't like growing pains, but I do like the affirmation that my decisions are right and that is something I never receive until after a trial of my faith. Sometimes I would rather the Lord handed me the direction I should choose, narrowed my choices down rather than having so much confidence in me as his heavenly daughter, to make the right decisions in life.

Walk forward. If it is the wrong path, you will know. But standing still in a stagnant state does nothing for yourself, and will never solve your problems.

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