Thursday, May 15, 2014

Portrait Project: Heather Charles.

Meet Heather Charles, an actress, a friend, and a girl that finds her happiness in her bedroom. Rushing in from a day of shooting on set, Heather sprawled out on her bed and let out a sigh of relief, she was home, she was happy. Inside her room were multiple inspirational notes, memories hanging upon the wall, and an in-depth glimpse into moments of her life that have brought her happiness. Each walls is covered in different affirmations; for love, for confidence, and for hope. Three masks hung upon the north facing wall, Heather pointed at the purple mask and stated she had made it herself, from a mold, by hand. Each mask represented the prior three years of New Year's Eve parties, a tradition she has experienced and will carry on. Below the masks stood a small box which housed necklaces. Every October/November, Heather begins searching for a necklace that she can change out for the New Year, each having a specific meaning to her life and the motivational drive the following year shall be directed by. This year, her motto is "dance."

"Most people don't like clutter in their room, they keep it clean and tidy, but I find my happiness in all of the small tokens and memories upon my wall."

To the left of her window stands a small stuffed cat wearing a beautiful cross necklace containing a piece of her cat Prince's hair, Prince's ashes, sit in the box beneath the stuffed animal.

I asked if this would still be her happy place when she gets married, laughing Heather said, I might just have to have my own room, a place to get away. Negativity and harsh feelings or talks are not allowed in her room, it is her sanctuary and a place she has confidence in finding peace and comfort.

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